Saturday, September 15, 2007

Keel Brightman Photography

Few things in life bring me more joy than sharing the dream with others...

A thank you is due to all the friends and family that have supported me on the journey.
All Photos coppywrite of Keel Brightman.

Heres a little park and huck session on the way to the Youghiogheny.
8 footer to 12 footer.

Photo By, Keel Brightman

Dan freewheeling the top drop

Daniel Young, photo by Keel Brightman

Firing up the slot drop

Matt Hatter, Photo By Keel Brightman

Dan same drop.

Daniel Young, photo by Keel Brightman

Different angle of the slot

Matt Hatter, Photo By Keel Brightman

Hatter getting it done...go team scum.

Matt Hatter, Photo By Keel Brightman

One of many Youghiogheny boulder gardens of goodnes.

Pauley,Photo By Keel Brightman

Lisa firin up the "falls"

lisa, Photo By Keel Brightman

Daniel looking for a different line

Daniel Young, Photo By Keel Brightman


Jay Gifford said...

What up partner? When are going to be back in the hood? Hollar...

donna said...

This is fantastic to hear from you personally regarding your journey to China... Photos are intuitive and reflective..I feel like I have seen some of the 'real' china.

Looking forward to seeing you up in NY. at the Moose River Fest? More great shots.
big hugs xoxo d

Melanie Norman said...

Heya from the land downunder (Oz) I was just chatting with your mum online and clicked through from her site to yours - photo with the puppy made my heart stop a min. Gorgeous, what a pic - I also have just been to China and ur pics and comments are just *on* - luv it, luv your work! Ciao, Melly from Oz

Anonymous said...

keel, call graham, im in portland

Anonymous said...

Hello Honey Lover Baby Bumper Boo... Been trying to get a hold of you. I am living back in Stephentown in one of the Haley apartments. I still have the same number or you can try my mom's house 6386.