Wednesday, September 26, 2007


China is one of those places that people want to go to, but they're not sure why, or what it is they're looking for. The draw of being Half way around the world engrosed in a culture as as different as it is old.
This past summer i was given the opportunity to go to bejing china for 6 days. never before had i witnessed the power of class segrigation where the rich live in gated communities and the poor live half a block away in ghettos that sprawl for miles. the sick and mamed beg for money on the main streets untill the police sweep through and take anybody who cant walk away...the great wall now crumbling away is still an amazingly powerfull mumento of the weight of the
history that china has been part of.
Driving by a small village a severely
disfigured man sits and looks out on the
world he'll never see.

Few chinese can afford a car much less a plane ticket. You would think that people would be descuraged with their inabuility to grow and move foreward in life, but the youth is excited. With the olympics comming in 2008, there seems to be a sense of urgency and immportance in the air. They're getting ready to show the world what they're made out of. and the china is young, strong and excited.

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