Monday, April 21, 2008

Little White Race

Todd Anderson, Celebrating his win on spirit. Geoff Calhoun, 2nd place looks on from below.

What a weekend!!! 19 competitors fired up the 15 + minute downriver course on saturday. Racing from the top of gettin bussy, 2 miles to 18 foot wishbone falls. Clean runs with minimal carnage was the trend of the day. Tao Berman set the Pace with a 15:36 second run, with Todd Anderson close on his heals. Ryan Casey coming in 3rd respectably. An impressive huckfest at spirit falls finnished off the day with giant boofs in ferfect conditions.

Thanks to all at Wind River Cellars for the camping and bonfire at the post race party.

Day 2 braught on the giant slalom course. Some tough must make moves dictated the pace of the race. Anderson cleaned it up on both runs earning him 1st place in the slolom and 1sth over all. Mikkel st. Jean Duncan from canada with the upset, also cleaned both runs earning him second place. Geoff Calhoun came in a close 3rd wrapping up the top tier.

For the full race report check out

John Grace...

Lana Young, Setting the standard!!
The only female competitor on the course.

Tao Berman, the legend and the man. focused on the downriver couse.
5:36, 16 seconds ahead of second place.

Geoff Calhoun, smiling his way to 3rd place on the downriver course.

mikkel, wishbone boof.

Giant Slalom; right of red, left of green.
just add rapids...

Jono and Grace, gates 3 to 4

Jono Ramsey, Sneaking by gate 4.

Todd Anderson, Keeping it clean through the final gates, and takin home the gold.

Looks like Geoff a DC area resident, is right at home in the Northwest. Going big and stylin it!

Joe Stumpfel; 11th in the downriver course in his C1, shows us the advantages of all that reach.

Littlewhite Salmon, downriver race results

1. Lana Young 23:18
1. Tao Berman 15:36
2. Todd Anderson 15:52
3. Ryan Casey 16:12
4. Geoff Calhoun 16:18
5. Ryan Scott 16:41
6. LJ Groth 17:12
7. Austin Rathman 17:15
8. Matt Gaudette 17:32
9. Keel Brightman 17:36
10. Chris Korbulic 17:46
11. Joey Stumpfel 18:06
12. Bo Wallace 18:08
13. Mikkel St.Jean Duncan 18:31
14. Dan Rubado 18:47
15. Mark Cecchini 19:03
16. Ben Hawthorne 19:29
17. Glen Dagerstein 19:35
18. Jono Ramsey 20:03

Little White Salmon, slalom race results

Heat 1:
1. Ryan Casey 1:20
2. Tao Berman 1:24
3: Todd Anderson 1:30
4. Mikkel St. Jean Duncan 1:41
5. Keel Brightman 1:42

Heat 2:
1. Geoff Calhoun 1:21
2. Todd Anderson 1:25
3. Mikkel St. Jean Duncan 1:28
4. LJ Groth 1:30
5: Matt Gaudette 1:33

After all the results were tallied Todd Anderson walked away with the trophy and the Wind River Cellars giant bottle of wine donated by Wind River Cellars.

1. Lana Young
1. Todd Anderson
2. Geoff Calhoun
3. Tao Berman
4. Mikkel St. Jean Duncan
5. LJ Groth
6. Keel Brightman
7. Glen Dagelstein
8. Matt Gaudette
9. Ryan Scott
10. Jono Ramsey
11. Ryan Casey
12. Chris Korbulic
13. Austin Rathman
14. Joey Stumpfel

Friday, April 18, 2008

Back in Washington!!

Will Pruett, Spirit Falls. WA

Nick Urquhart, champagne falls. Canyon Creek, WA

Nick at the takeout of canyon creek.

Kayaking "crowds"

Copper Creek, info coming...

life is good...