Friday, December 28, 2007

Hood River, OR to Driggs, ID

My neighbors house, Bingen WA

Kayaking brings you to the most amazing places; Takeout, Little White Salmon river

The view from my front window

Painted Red

Lincoln, nothing good in life is free.
the 2 hour hike through chest deep snow was lincolns fee for this ride

post season deer scouting...hey dad, this ones a baby

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

condit dam

Austin Rackman...dreaming big!!

Ryan Scott catching the action.

Footage coming soon on upcoming
Northwest Video scrapbook video #6

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Crazy Month of Travel

one of the most determined people ive ever met.
my mom

To all the people i have met and friends ive had and made, this month has been incredible. starting in west virginia at the gauley. the festival was off the hook, free beer and pole dancing. it was good till the dudes started dancing. then off to the green in North Carolina.
Billey Jones was kind enough to give me a couch to crash on and a vision of life. team W took care of me on the river and on the town. yeehaw! it was hard to leave. thanks guys.
The journey must go on, so a quick stop at the yough then a short 10 hour drive to old forge brought on more debachery. moosefest lived up to its reputation as the party event of the year and this year we kept the focus... cheers to that.. personal first decent by my friend emma and my dad Fletcher on the bottom moose.
after some much needed sleep i headed to Bristal, RI to see my mom.
!!!!she just recently sailed around the world solo on a 28 foot sloop!!!!!
for more info check out

from RI i have one week to hang out in the montains of my home state NY. then
the winter season is starting in hood river so im headed backfor the winter. Im looking foreward to getting back there hanging out with friends and firing it up. lovin life.
the author with mom

churches and guns, somehow always come as a pair. Bristol harbor sunset

britol is as old as dirt, but theres a lot of young boys in the dirt in her defense. a great debt we owe to those who serve.

a roadside view in western mass.

beautiful Jael, my niece

and wild nephew

the author, boofin the moose

Fowlersville falls 45' , the moose fall in the northeast, a little cold but worth it.

Billey Jones and ? looking for the southern cross.

welcome to ashville, yeehaw.

Billy Merphy and Nick getting it done.

Liz English after her first run down the green!! fired up.

North Carolina

West Virginia, 6:30 am

New River bridge. Fun day on the shreder.