Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back to the top!!

Its been a long summer of Raft guiding, I'm stoked to be headed to the source of the Columbia river to complete my source to sea attempt. The plan is to canoe the 350 mile section in about a month with my father Fletcher. We have talked about doing a canadian fishing trip since i was a kid.
This section of the columbia river cuts through the heart of the canadian rocky mountains, bear country, and huge marshes. We hope it turns out to be the biggest baddest fishing trip of our lives.

We plan on leaving around the 18th of september.
Updates coming soon


Anonymous said...

Yow!! Sounds like a great trip Keel...Just had an awesome night here, with Coop and Nicole. Missed you for the music..Bob and I played Stellas!! Enjoy the mountains and I am sure you will have the best fishing of your LIFE!! biggest hugs xoxo mom

Anonymous said...

How are your plans coming for leaving the 18th? Will you have a SPOT? A little news, please.
Big hugsx xxoxoxo