Thursday, January 22, 2009

In March of 2009 myself and a group of 3 other paddlers, will embark on the longest self support journey of our lives. The focus of the trip is to raise awareness of a once free flowing river that currently holds more dams than any other river drainage in the world and to document the impact on the Columbia River from previous ways of life to present day water quality throughout the 1,243 miles of river. The itinerary is expected to take almost 2 months from the source of Columbia River, in Canada, to Astoria, OR at the Pacific Ocean.
The end goal is to raise awareness of hydro electric energy and help reduce the amount of waste and destruction for future projects in the Columbia River drainage as well as providing research for other water sheds around the world. Ultimately, reducing the amount of structures that present day corporations strive to place in the name of human progression


Anonymous said...

Hi Keel,
I was looking at your mom's web site and saw your photo there and followed the link to the Columbia Experience. I provided a Palm jacket for your mom's solo sail - as pictured in the Cruising World article that just came out. Palm, of course, is really a paddling brand, not a sailing brand. Anyhow, is your team looking for a dry suit sponsor? Get in touch with me at
Lili Colby
MTI, Palm USA and Bluestorm

Anonymous said...

great stuff Lilli... Way to go keel on the article in Canoe and great note and fab picts. need the URL of the other articles you have written...Big hugs oxoxoxo d

matt said...

Hi keel
I was wondering if you could send me those shots of me skiing that one day with me and dan.
my email is



matt said...

hi keel
I was wondering if you could send those shots of me skiing that one day with dan and i.
my emails


Margaret Ritsch said...

Wow. You are on quite a worthwhile journey. I'm really hoping I can persuade one of you -- if you have an I-phone -- to send photos of your journey to a new website, They can be loaded onto the map at different points along the Columbia River to document what you're observing! We're also having a video contest, "Show Your Epic Moments," so if your journey gets exciting & you get some good video, enter it into the contest! More exposure to the worthy cause you're paddling for!

Roger Stephen said...

hey keel it was great to meet you . glad your adventure is going well. wish i was 30 years younger, i would love to do the trip. good sailing on the rest of your journey.
Roger Stephen
Mushroom Addition Restaurant
Fauquier B.C.
Arrow Lakes!!

Anonymous said...

Hi keel i remember writing my email down at your house for you to send me those skiing shots of me from awhile ago anyways heres my email again id really like those shots

Tony G. said...


Hey Dude...I know that the Canoe I sold you will weather the mighty Columbia River. I will be looking for pictures of the canoe and updates of your travels...Good Luck!!!

Tony G.