Monday, February 11, 2008

A Few Sunny Days

Stevebaugh, Targhee Backcountry

Lincoln Farnsworth; parking lot rocks, Targhee

Cooper Brightman, Targhee backcountry

unknown athlete, Marrys Nipple Targhee

Peaked Mt, Targhee inbounds hiking.

Cooper Brightman, Backside of Marrys nipple in the background.



CRG Productions said...

Nice bro! you guys are going big over there!
Toxic Waters video premiere this weekend in HR. Couple shots of you from SRC are in it! You gonna make it out here? L-Dub runs all weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

wildness... how cool... great shot Keel...

de crazy sailing mom said...

phenomenal world.. fantastic shots of the mountains. and can bearly find Coop falling off the mountain.. love it.. Thanks for posting this for all to see, especially me.. love ya, de crazy sailing mom...